Best Greenhouse Reviews

Best Greenhouse Reviews

So you’re looking to buy a greenhouse but you don’t know which to buy, right? Well you’re in the right place because right here on this page we’re going to review 10 of the best greenhouses that are available to buy right now on

We’ll review metal, wood and plastic greenhouses. We’re going to review large and small greenhouses. We’re reviewing freestanding and lean-to greenhouses. Whatever greenhouse you may be thinking of buying we’ll be reviewing it right here on our best greenhouse reviews UK.

Being on this page shows you are doing the right thing. Reading greenhouse reviews is the correct decision as it can be quite an investment buying one. You need to make sure the greenhouse you buy is the correct specification for your needs.

There are so many greenhouses out there and many are designed for a specific reason. Doing your research now will save any disappointment after you purchase your new greenhouse.

The main problem we’ve found with many greenhouses out there is the poor quality once built and this tends to be reflected in the price. That being said – not all of the expensive greenhouses were really that good.

In our best greenhouse reviews you will find we’ve been as honest as possible and haven’t included any poor quality greenhouses. We’ve only reviewed (what we consider) to be the cream of the crop.

To make it easy for you to follow we’ve listed them in what we consider to be the best value for money first from 1 – 10.


1. Palram Harmony 6 x 10 Greenhouse.

best greenhouse reviews ukProduct Description – 

Here we are reviewing the Palram Harmony 6 x 10 greenhouse.

It boasts a sturdy aluminium frame and crystal clear panels made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate sheet panels that are 100% UV protected meaning you won’t get any discoloration as time passes.

Uniform profiles in every position means this beautiful greenhouse is really easy to assemble and the slide n’ lock system means anyone will be able to build it no matter what your skill set is.

The aluminium framed means you’ll never need to worry about rust or corrosion.

Included are sturdy hinges on the door and magnetic catch, ventilation in the roof in the form of a hinged window, a strong, rust proof galvanized steel base, guttering to allow rain water to drain away and step-by-step easy to assemble instructions.

For these reasons this greenhouse had to be included in our best greenhouse reviews post.


Box Contents – 

  • 1 x Sturdy Aluminium Frame
  • Virtually Unbreakable Polycarbonate Clear Panels
  • 1 x Guttering System
  • 1 x Roof Vent
  • 1 x Strong Hinged Door
  • 1 x Galvanized Base
  • 1 x Assembly Instruction Manuel


2. Simplicity Classic Greenhouse. 

best greenhouse reviews

Product Description – 

By far one of the best selling greenhouses in the UK so it’s no wonder BBC Gardeners World advertise it in their magazine.

This greenhouse boasts some impressive features such as quality door wheels and a sturdy steel base INCLUDED in the price. As a lot of greenhouse retailers charge extra for the base there will be no unpleasant surprises after you’ve purchased the Simplicity Classic greenhouse.

The solid brass centre ball bearing and sturdy box section corner bars have been added to to this greenhouse to prolong the life.

The ridge and gutter perform well in heavy weather and the toughened safety glass is virtually unbreakable. It’s durable green powder coated paint job will mean this greenhouse won’t suffer from rust and corrosion.

A great addition to this best greenhouses reviews post.


Box Contents –

  • Full Set Of Toughened Safety Glass
  • Heavy Duty Steel Base
  • Sliding Door
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • 1 x Roof Ventilation
  • Powder Coated Framework

Dimensions –

Width Of Base – 6ft 3″ or 1918mm

Overall Length – 8ft 3″ or 2538mm

Height Of Eaves – 4ft 3″ or 1316mm

Ridge Height – 6ft 7″ or 2015mm

Width Of Door –  2ft or 620mm

Height Of Door – 5ft 7″ – 1717mm




3. Robinsons Victorian – Ratcliffe Greenhouse Ivory 8ft x 10ft.

Product Description –

We think you’ll agree this greenhouse is absolutely stunning and would look great in any garden. We know this greenhouse is a little on the pricey side but worth every penny in our opinion.

With it’s stylish Victorian look and 4mm thick safety glass this greenhouse comes highly recommended.

As the framework is constructed out of box section and cast aluminium this greenhouse is extremely strong and made to last even in the toughest conditions. Excellent for areas that are prone to bad weather.

The 45 degree roof means the air flow and light is greater improved making this a better environment for the plants inside.

The Victorian look is improved by extra wide Victorian style guttering and the extra wide door. 4 x automatically opening roof vents make this greenhouse an absolute must for any avid gardener.

No wonder this is included in our best greenhouse reviews post.


Key Features –

  • 4 Automatically Opening Roof Vents
  • Guttering And Drainpipes On Both Sides
  • 2 Louver Vents
  • Strongly Hinged Door
  • 10 Years Guarantee
  • 45 Degree Roof Pitch For Extra Height And Light
  • Cast Aluminium Spandrels For Even More Strength
  • Extra Wide Guttering
  • Stylish Victorian Looks.




4. Wooden Greenhouse With Automatic Venting greenhouse uk review

Product Description –

A striking example of an extremely well made wooden greenhouse, we think you’ll agree.

This greenhouse is made from pressure treated spruce and is protected against any fungus, decay or rot. The 4mm toughened glass which has been used is far less likely to be scratched than many of the plastic greenhouse examples that are available today. The skylights are temperature sensitive meaning they’ll opening themselves way before any of your plants begin to overheat.

Every inch of the wooden framework has been treated to a high standard protecting it against fungus and rot. The manufactures are so confident in their wood treatment process they offer a 10 year guarantee against insect and rot infestation and guarantee you will not need to treat the  greenhouse yourself for at least 10 years.

As mentioned above this greenhouse is fitted with a temperature sensitive skylight that will keep your plants well ventilated all year round.

The skylight will adjust accordingly allowing in the right amount of air at all times whilst keeping your plants safe from any harmful elements. Far easier than having to keep adjusting the skylight opening yourself and as it will regulate itself that’s one less thing for you to have to worry about.


Key Features –

  • 4mm Toughened Glass
  • Fully Treated Wooden Frame
  • Automatically Adjusting Skylight
  • Staging Included
  • No Planning Permission
  • UPVC Hanging Panel Included
  • 10 Years Guarantee
  • You Will Not Need To Retreat The Wood For 10 Years


Product Dimensions –


  • Outside Width / Depth: 2.40m – 7ft 10″ / 2.40m – 7ft 10″
  • Height Of Ridge: 2.10m – 6ft 10″
  • Inside Width / Depth: 2.27m – 7ft 5″ / 2.27m – 7ft 5″
  • Inside Eaves Height: 2.06m – 6ft’ 9″
  • Skylight Height / Width: 0.65m – 2ft 1″ / 0.53m – 1ft 8″
  • Door Size: 0.53m – 1ft 8″ x 1.73m – 5ft 8″
  • Bottom Staging Width: 0.57m – 1ft 10″




5. Jago Lean-To Walk-In Greenhouse.


best greenhouse reviews


Product Description –

This is one of the cheaper greenhouses we’ve decided to include into our best greenhouse reviews post because, simply put, it’s worth every penny of it’s bargain price.

As with any greenhouse it’s up to you how long your gardening season will last. This ultra lightweight aluminium frame greenhouse will provide your plants with the perfect environment in which they can thrive.

This greenhouse is designed with airflow in mind and that’s why this greenhouse is perfect for advanced or novice gardeners.

There will be no problem assembling this greenhouse as it is really straightforward to put up. Also, you can fix the greenhouse to whatever foundation you choose to lean it against.


Key Features – 

  • Large Ventilation Window
  • Straightforward To Assemble
  • Resists Temperatures From -25°C to 60°C
  • 4mm Thick Shockproof Polycarbonate Paneling All-round
  • Ultralight And Super Strong Aluminium Frame
  • Insulated
  • UV Resistant
  • Large Sliding Door


Dimensions – 

Height – 1833mm – 6ft

Length – 1900mm – 6ft 2″

Depth – 1200mm – 4ft






6. Waltons EST 1878 Wooden Greenhouse With Built On Shed.


best wooden greenhouse reviews 2019

Product Description – 

This beautiful wooden greenhouse isn’t just a greenhouse, it’s also a shed. Having a greenhouse / shed combo is so convenient it easily made our best greenhouse review post.

With it’s FSC certified timber and 10 years guarantee against rot this is a must for any gardener regardless of level.

As the construction of the greenhouse is tongue and groove you can rest assured it will also be super sturdy. Being able to store all your tools in the shed and grow all your vegetables just a few feet away in the greenhouse area this really is a game changer.

This greenhouse / shed has also been designed with safety in mind as there is a safer alternative to glass used here. They’ve used styrene glazing which is essential if you have young children or grandchildren running around the garden.

Styrene also allows natural light to fill the greenhouse, aiding photosynthesis along the way, whilst blocking out any harmful UV rays.


Key Features – 

  • 2 in 1 Solution – Greenhouse And Shed
  • Premium Materials
  • 10 Years Guarantee
  • 12mm Tongue & Groove For A Sturdy Build
  • Suitable For Any Level Of Gardner
  • Styrene – Safer Than Glass


Dimensions –


Size – 10ft x 6ft – 3040mm x 1820mm

Width – 6ft 1″ – 1860mm

Depth – 9ft 9″ – 2980mm

Eaves Height – 5ft 3″ – 1600mm

Roof Height – 6ft 8″ – 2030mm

Door Width – 1ft 10″ – 550mm

Door Height – 5ft 7″ – 1720mm




7. Rion Eco Grow Greenhouse 6 x 10ft.

what is the best greenhouse

Product Description – 

This Rion Eco Grow greenhouse is a superb choice for the first time gardener as it has all the feature that the larger models have just a more compacted. This greenhouse is super strong and you can feel the quality. This comes from the 4mm twin wall polycarbonate panels in the roof and 6mm twin wall panels on the sides.

As well as superior strength the Eco-Grow offers so much more including a high level of safety, fantastic heat insulation and excellent light diffusion. The resin frame is durable and is manufactured to withstand the harshest of weathers. It’s super easy to assemble thanks to it’s pin & lock system and the roof / side panels just slide right into place.

Large hinged door and roof vent help to keep this greenhouse well ventilated and the translucent roof and wall allow light into each and every corner.

An absolute gem and we have no problem this being in our best greenhouse reviews post.

Box Contents – 

  • Easy To Assemble, Super-Strong Resin Frame
  • Twin Wall Polycarbonate Panelling
  • Large Roof Vent
  • Large, Hinged Door
  • Simple To Follow Instructions


Key Features – 

  • Extremely Durable Resin Frame
  • 100% UV Protected
  • 4mm Twin Wall Roof Panels For Excellent Diffusion Of Light
  • 6mm Twin Wall Side Panelling Protected Against Heavy Impact
  • The Barn Shape Means More Headroom And Eliminates The Need For Bending
  • Secure Hinged Door And Latch For Extra Security




8. OutSunny Polytunnel Greenhouse.


best plastic greenhouse review



Product Description – 

This Outsunny greenhouse has an integrated tunnel and is made up of woven PE cloth fitted over a very well made, high quality steel tube frame. Because of solar energy the temperature within the greenhouse is easily maintained meaning the plants inside will flourish and thrive.

The high strength PE cloth covering protects the plants from all the elements including, snow, sleet, rain as well as insect infestation.

Having windows down either side of the greenhouse provides the plants inside with all the ventilation they need and they also help to collect rain water on those wet days.

This greenhouse is perfect if you ever need to move it in a hurry and all your plants and vegetables will thrive inside.

We had to include polytunnels in our best greenhouse reviews post and we thought this greenhouse from Outsunny was certainly up there with the best in terms of quality and valu for money.


Key Features – 

  •  Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Solid Steel Tube Frame And Tough Woven PE Cloth
  • Galvanised Steel So It Won’t Rust
  • Can Be Fully Closed To Help Maintain Humidity Levels
  • Weather Resistant For Plant Protection
  •  Sturdy Hinged Door For Easy Access
  • Excellent Ventilation in The Form Of 2 Large Windows On Each Side


Dimensions – 

Length – 4000mm

Width – 3000mm

Height – 2000mm

Weight – 34kg

Window Length – 1600mm

Window Height – 350mm

Door Height – 1800mm

Door Width – 800mm




9. Outsunny Polcarbonate Greenhouse.

best greenhouses 2019

Product Description –

Here we have a brand new design by greenhouse makers – Outsunny. The frame of the greenhouse is constructed out of a really sturdy aluminium alloy which allow the 4mm thick PC board to fit snugly inside. Due to it’s heavy duty construction it can easily withstand winds in excess of 12 m/s, approximately force 6.

The specially designed, high strength PC board also allows the natural sunlight to flood the entire greenhouse which we all know is vital for the health of your plants and vegetables inside.

As the framework is manufacture from aluminium and comes with a very durable paint finish you will never have any problems with rust or corrosion.

Large sliding door and hinged roof window provide excellent ventilation for your plants inside.


Key Features –

  • Strong Aluminium Frame
  • 4mm Thick Strong PC Board Panels
  • Strong Base
  • UV Resistant To Protect Plants Against Heat
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent Ventilation


Dimensions – 

Length – 1900mm

Width – 1320mm

Height – 2010mm

Window Length – 600mm

Window Height – 600mm

Door Height – 600mm

Door Width – 1615mm

Weight – 22.5kg





10. Songmics Mini Greenhouse With 3 Tiers.


best small greenhouse review


Product Description –

This 3-tier mini greenhouse wouldn’t be out of place in any garden, balcony or backyard. It’s compact yet still has plenty of room for all your plants and vegetables.

It’s sleek yet sturdy construction is more ample protection, for your plants, from all the harmful elements such as pests, birds, snow and heavy rain.

The door can be rolled up and tied allowing plenty of ventilation for the plants and vegetables inside.

Ideal for small spaces and first time gardeners. It’s super affordable, too!


Key Features – 

  • Ideal For Small Gardens Or Balconies
  • Sturdy Construction
  • PE Cloth
  • 3 Tiers
  • Powder Coated Steel Preventing Rust Appearing
  • Door Can Be Fully Rolled Up For Ventilation And Easy Access
  • Extremely Lightweight


Product Dimensions – 

Width – 690 mm

Depth – 490 mm

Height – 1250 mm

Door Height – 1020 mm

Door Width – 490 mm

Weight – 3.4 kg




Best Greenhouse Reviews – Conclusion


We hope you’ve enjoyed our best greenhouse reviews post as much as we did writing it. As mentioned above we’ve only tried to put the best greenhouses on this page to stop you guys having to go searching around the internet trying to find which greenhouse is best for you.

If you have any knowledge of any of the greenhouses we’ve put on this page and you want to share your thoughts, please do so in the comments section below.

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