Best Grow Lights For Vegetables

Best Grow Lights For Vegetables

So we were wondering the other day which are the best grow lights for vegetables and after a bit of research we decided to put this post together.

Grow lights are great because they give you more options when it comes to growing plants and vegetables indoors. Not only do grow lamps give you more option they are great way of ensuring your seedlings get the best start to their growing life.

Seedlings grown under grow lights start of healthy, stocky and green.

Vegetables grown under grow lights can also be started earlier (winter time) and grown all year round, perfect for herbs and other leafy greens.

Also, people without a garden will really benefit from grow lights because there really is no need to move some plants and veggies outside if you have a good grow light.

Ok, we’ve put together on this page 10 of the best grow lights for vegetables which are available to purchase on Amazon right now. We’ve done a little review on each of them to make it super simple for you guys to buy whichever lamp you like.



1, Vertigo – Professional Grow Light System.

best grow lights for vegetables

Product Description –

We think you’ll agree that this Vertigo indoor light system looks amazing. It’s modern, stylish and just a thing of beauty.

This really is a professional hydroponic system that anyone from beginners to experts can use with ease in the comfort of their own homes.

Because of it’s size you can grow many veggies, plants, herbs and spices at any one time yet it doesn’t take up much room at all. This is because of it’s vertical design.

With it’s integrated LED lighting system there is no need for sunlight whatsoever, you don’t even need a green thumb to use it.

Literally anyone can grow a huge harvest at a super fast rate with this and it has to be number 1 on our best grow lights for vegetables list.


Key Features –

  • Grow Anywhere – Indoors Or Out.
  • Suitable For Everyone
  • Integrated LED Lighting System
  • Simple To Install
  • Water And Energy Efficient
  • Wheels – To Make The Unit Easy To Move


Box Contents –

  • Vertigo Grow Tower
  • 54W LED Grow Lights
  • Water Level Meter
  • Set Of Wheels
  • 35L Reservoir For Water
  • 20 x 4″ Pots
  •  Dispersion Head For Water
  • Growing Medium – Hydroponic
  • 38W Water Pump
  • Hydroponic Fertiliser – Slow Release
  • Anti Algae


best cheap grow light




2, Hipargero LED Grow Light

best led grow lights for vegetables

Product Description –

The Hipargero grow lamp uses blue and red LED bulbs and is specially developed for plants and vegetables. As this grow lamp only uses the highest quality LED bulbs they will never burn out unlike many of the cheaper models out there.

It’s been specially designed to help your plants grow bigger and stronger than ever before and this is because of it’s unique LED light spectrum.

It boasts a double switch system which is perfect for plants and veggies and is perfect for every flowering stage.

With it’s powerful built in, high speed cooling fans you will never have to worry about this unit overheating. Constructed from aircraft grade materials the outer shell quickly disperses any unnecessary or unused heat for added piece of mind.

It had a unique Daisy Chain design which means you can connect 3 HG800 units at once for a bigger coverage.


Key Features – 

  • 4 x 3000k Ultra Powerful COB’s
  • Red And Blue LED’s
  • Led’s Never Burn Out Unlike Cheaper Models
  • Suitable For All Plant Life
  • Double Switch System For Plants And Veggies
  • Powerful Cooling Fans
  • Aircraft Grade Outer Body
  • Daisy Chain Means You Connect More Units At Once
  • Much Brighter Than Other 800W Units


Product Specifications –

  • 240W Power
  • LED’s – 4 x COB’s
  • 120° Beam Angle
  • Super Strong Aluminium Body
  • Lifespan = 50000 Hours


  Product Dimensions – 

Length – 292mm

Width – 233mm

Depth – 70mm

Weight – 3.8kg


Box Contents –

HG800 LED Grow Light x 1

Mounting Kit x 1

Mains Plug x 1

Easy To Follow Instructions x 1

Hanging Rope Which Is Adjustable x 1


best grow lights uk




3, Wakyme 1200W Grow Light


best grow lights uk



Product Description –

The Wakyme grow light really does cover the full light spectrum. It covers Red, Blue, UV, Yellow, Warm White and Cool White light which provides all plants with the exact light they need to promote photosynthesis.

Covering all growth stages this grow light is perfect for all indoor plants and vegetables.

It comes with a double switch – Veg and Bloom. The veg function is used for seedlings and young plant growth whilst the bloom function should be used when the plants are flowering or the vegetables are getting larger. You can also join these lights together if you need more coverage.

3 high speed internal fans are used to keep this grow light cool. A real bonus if you’re worried about it overheating.

It’s really energy efficient too. This is because  120 piece double chip-set is brighter than more traditional 800W units.


Key Features – 

  • 1200W Power
  • Dual Chip LED’s
  • 50000 Hour Lifespan
  • 410nm – 730nm Wavelengths
  • -20°c To 40°c Working Temp
  • Optimal Full Spectrum
  • 3 High Speed Internal Cooling Fans
  • Double Switch
  • Energy Efficient
  • 2 Years Warranty


Product Dimensions –

Length – 400mm

Width – 212mm

Depth – 60mm

Weight – 3.7kg


best grow lights uk



4, Philzon Newest 1200W LED Grow Light.


best led grow lights for vegetables

Product Description –

Philzon (the makers of this grow light) have really concentrated on safety with this excellent grow light. As many other grow lights use a reflector in their products Philzon don’t. This means there is no danger of this product overheating and potentially melting.

This is a really high powdered grow light and this is because it has 10W dual-chip LED’s which has the highest LUMEN output.  These LED’s are much brighter and more efficient than other 3 and 5W LED’s. This is great for your vegetables and plants because these LED’s will provide them with all the light they could ever need.

This grow light is also full spectrum. This means every type of light your plants and vegetables need they will get from this grow light.

Every effort has been made with this grow light to ensure it is as energy efficient as it possibly could be.


Key Features – 

  • Lifespan – 50000 Hours
  • Coverage – 2ft – 2.5ft
  • Full Light Spectrum
  • 10W Dual-Chip LED’s
  • Energy Efficient
  • Won’t Overheat
  • 1200W High Power
  • Higher Wattage Available


Product Dimensions –

Length – 399mm

Width – 211mm

Depth – 61mm

Weight – 2.8kg


best grow lights uk



5, Kingbo 600W LED Grow Light.

best grow lights for vegetables uk



Product Description –

This grow light by Kingbo has a full spectrum dual optical lens which increases light output and radically reduces light loss.

As it’s full spectrum you can rest assured that every light your plants and vegetables need to grow big and strong is covered. This grow light features a 2 stage switch which is perfect for every growth stage of every plant or vegetable.

With it’s 2 high speed fans and top of the range aluminium heat sinks this grow light dissipates heat excellently meaning there will be no overly hot or overly cold spots.

Kingbo are so confident of this grow light they’re giving you a 3 year warranty with the unit.


Key Features –  

  • Full Spectrum Light
  • Dual Optical Lens
  • 2 Stage Switch
  • Better Heat Dissipation
  • 2 x High Speed Fans
  • 3 Years Warranty


Product Dimensions –

Length – 310mm

Width – 280mm

Depth – 60mm

Weight – 3.4kg


best grow lights uk




6, Viparspectra 1200W LED Grow grow lights for veg ukProduct Description –

Every aspect of sunlight which your plants crave is covered in this optimal full spectrum grow light by Viparspectra.

This grow light has been scientifically designed by indoor growers over many years and because of this you will see better results in the plants or vegetables that you are growing.

It’s high speed fans and revolutionary aluminium heat sinks means that this grow light dissipates heat brilliantly across your entire crop.

This grow light really is a great choice for all your indoor plants and vegetables.


Key Features –

  • Developed By Expert Indoor Growers
  • Optimal Full Spectrum
  • Uses Only 506 watts
  • 70% Cooler Than Other grow Lights
  • 2 Years Warranty


Product Dimensions –

Length – 493mm

Width – 493mm

Depth – 75mm

Weight – 9kg


best grow lights uk




7, Niello CREE COB 600w LED Grow Light


best led grow lights for vegetables


Product Description –

Here we’re looking at the Niello 600w series which uses Cree COB full spectrum LED’s to promote faster and healthier growing plants and vegetables.

This grow light features daisy chain technology which means you can connect a few of them together for a larger coverage. You can grow from seed to flowers and fruits with this grow light, no problem at all.

Because this grow light uses Cree COB and double chip LED’s it will dramatically reduce the growing time of your plants and vegetables and save you money in the long run.

Efficient heat dissipation is achieved due to the high speed fans and top of the range aluminium heat sinks. These 2 components help reduce noise levels and extend lifespan.


Key Features –

  • Full Spectrum Of Light
  • Cree COB And Double Chip LED’s
  • Daisy Chain Design
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 50000 Hour Lifespan
  • 90° Beam Angle


Product Dimensions –

Length – 330mm

Width – 200mm

Depth – 65mm

Weight – 2.48kg


best grow lights uk



8, MEIZHI Reflector Series 1200W LED Grow Light.

led grow lights for vegetables


Product Description –

The Mezhi 1200w grow light with full spectrum layout is perfect for all indoor plants and vegetables.

With it’s upgraded aluminium cooling heat sinks and unique reflector design it makes sure that your plants and vegetables get all the natural light they crave from sunlight.

Some grow lights are way too concentrated in the centre of the light which can result in stunted growth and sometimes sunburning of your plants. This is not the case with the Mezhi Reflector Series. The way the light has been designed to reflect greatly reduces any chance of this ever happening to your veggies.

This units light penetrates better than most other grow lights whilst saving energy at the same time.

This just had to be featured in our best grow lights for vegetables post.


Key Features –

  • Full Spectrum
  • 1200W
  • Better Light Penetration
  • No Glass Or Plastic
  • Eco Friendly Products
  • Cool & Quiet Design
  • 3 Years Warranty


Product Dimensions –

Length – 627mm

Width – 380mm

Depth – 70mm

Weight – 10kg


best grow lights uk



9, HCDMRE Dimmable Series 600W LED Grow Light

best grow lights for greenhouse

Product Description –

If you’re looking for a greenhouse grow light then look no further than this – the HCDMRE Dimmable Series 600w Grow Light.

This full spectrum grow light is full spectrum and perfect for vegetable and plant growing enthusiasts. Because it’s full spectrum it helps plants promote photosynthesis without ever needing any natural sunlight.

As it’s somewhat larger than most other grow lights of this price range it is perfect for greenhouse cultivation. That being said – it’s perfect for indoor use too.

Suitable for all types of potted plants, indoor gardens, seedlings and greenhouse gardening.

It has the perfect mix of red and blue lights which are both equally important to your plants health.

Red light promotes plant growth, flowering and the germination process whilst the blue light stimulates chloroplasts whilst also stopping the plant growing wild.

This grow light should possibly have been higher in our best grow lights for vegetables post.


Key Features –

  • Full Spectrum
  • 2 Dimmers
  • 600w
  • Large Size
  • Perfect For Indoor And Greenhouse Use
  • 50000 Hours Lifespan


Product Dimensions –

Length – 910mm

Width – 210mm

Depth – 70mm

Weight – 8.06kg


best grow lights uk



10, USB Grow Light Bar.


grow lights for indoor use



Product Information – 

As this is a smallish bar style grow light it’s main use would be indoors over small crops.

It’s 13.2″ long and boasts 48 LED bulbs (red and blue) which perfectly meet your plants required needs for photosynthesis.

It has a time and memory function which is perfect if you can’t always be there to turn it on and off but the best thing is this grow light will remember the on/off times all by itself.

It had dimmable LED’s and is super easy to install.

We think you’ll agree that all this plus it’s really cheap price tag it simply had to be included in this best grow lights for vegetables post.


Key Features –

  • 13.2″ Long
  • 48 LED’s Blue And Red
  • Time and Memory Function
  • Dimmer Switch
  • Easy To Install
  • Perfect For Beginners
  • Super Affordable


Product Dimensions –

Tube Length – 336mm

Weight – 168g


best grow lights uk



Best Grow Lights For Vegetables – Conclusion.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our best grow lights for vegetables post and we hope it really helped you guys out.

If you have and questions or you have an comments about any of the products we’ve talked about on this post please leave them at the bottom and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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