Best Indoor Garden System

Best Indoor Garden System


Welcome to our best indoor garden system post. The only page you will ever need to visit if you’re looking to start growing vegetables at home.

As more and more of us are adopting a healthy lifestyle the desire to grow our own fresh produce becomes more important. Although the idea of growing our own fresh vegetables appeals to most urbanites it isn’t always possible.

This is because of many reasons such as space. Many people wanting to grow vegetables simply don’t have the space to have a vegetable patch. many people don’t even have a garden at all.

Another reason is light. Lots of people don’t live in a place which has enough natural sunlight to grow healthy fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

Whatever the reason may be there is a solution and that solution is a garden system anyone can use indoors, but which is the best indoor garden system? You’re about to find out.

In the post we will be looking at 10 of the best indoor garden systems that are available to purchase right now on Amazon.

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1, Click & Grow Smart Indoor Garden indoor garden system

Product Information –

We were absolutely blown away with the Click & Grow indoor garden. So much so it’s number 1 on our best indoor garden system review page.

It’s beautiful Scandinavian design wouldn’t look out of place in any room in any house.

This indoor garden makes growing healthy foods such as herbs and vegetables so easy a child could do it. It’s as simple as opening a pod and popping it into the machine.

That really is all you need to do other than plugging it in and adding water. Simple, right?!

Not only that, Click & Grow give you 3 lettuce pods, 3 basil pods and 3 mini tomato pods free with this machine. They are so confident anyone and everyone can grow from their pods that if any one doesn’t grow they will replace the pod free of charge. Not bad, right?

Click & Grow have developed, what they call, smart soil and they add this soil into each 1 of their pods. This soil will provide every plant that you grow with all the nutrients it will ever need to grow big and strong.

The LED lights added into this indoor garden will provide your fruits and veggies with all the natural light they will ever need.

There is a self water feature too. They’ve added this because Click & Grow understand everyone may not be around at the times the plants need to be watered. This indoor garden system will do the watering itself. You just fill the tank when needed.

Click & Grow use absolutely no pesticides, fungicides or herbicides in there plant pods and use non GMO seeds.

Lab tests have been performed on herbs grown in the Click & Grown garden system and the results were amazing. The results show that the plants grown in the Click & Grow garden contained a staggering 600% more vitamins than shop bought products. Wow!


Key Features –

  • Guaranteed Growth Or Replacements Given
  • Grow Anytime, Anywhere
  • Stylish Looks
  • Self Watering
  • Set And Forget
  • LED Lights Provide Plants With Everything They Need
  • 600% More Vitamins From Products Grown In This Unit
  • More Than 40 Choices Of Plants To Grow
  • Choice Of Colours


Product Dimensions

Length – 605 mm

Width – 185mm

Height – 400mm

Weight – 1.5kg


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2, Miracle-Gro Aero Garden And Stainless Steel Gourmet Herb Pot. 

best indoor garden system


Product Information –

Another great addition to our best indoor garden system post is the Miracle-Gro Aero Garden. With this indoor garden system you can enjoy plants, herbs and fresh vegetables all year round.

You can grow up to 6 plants at any one time and 1 really clever feature with this indoor garden system is that your plants will grow in water and not soil as with many other systems.

This indoor garden system has full spectrum LED lighting built in which basically means it will provide any plant or vegetable with every possible bit of light it could ever need. This full spectrum lighting really does help plants maximise photosynthesis which will only mean huge harvests for you.

The control panel of this indoor garden system couldn’t be easier to use. It tells you when water is running low and also reminds you when to add the plant nutrients – which is included in the box. Not only that the LED lights turn themselves on and off depending on your plants needs.

This indoor garden system really does take the headache out of trying to grow herbs and vegetables at home and failing miserably. It virtually looks after itself and even a child could manage to grow fresh produce with this.


Key Features –   

  • Grow 6 Plants At Once
  • Grow All Year Round
  • Full Spectrum LED Lighting
  • Easy To Use Control Panel
  • Grow In Water, Not Soil
  • 6 Pot Gourmet Herb Pots Included


Product Dimensions – 

Length – 270mm

Width – 190mm

Height – 270mm – 430mm

Weight – 3.7kg


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