Vegetable Growing Tips For UK Gardeners

23 Vegetable Growing Tips For UK Gardeners


It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to growing or you’ve never planted a thing in your life, we all love a good bunch of vegetable growing tips. That’s why we’ve created this post.

Right here on this page we’re giving you 25 of the best tips for growing vegetables that you could ever get your hands on.

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Here We Go With Our Veggie Growing Tips.

1, If winter is looming yet you still you have tomatoes on the vine which aren’t quite ripe yet, save them! All you have to do is pull up the plant and bring them indoors. Keep them in a warm dry place and the tomatoes will ripen all by themselves on the vine if you hang them up.


2, Are you forever putting your gardening tools down and not being able to find them whilst gardening? We are. Paint all the handles on your gardening tools a bright colour (not green for obvious reasons) to help them stand out.


3, Some plants grow better with other plants so do some research on companion planting before you start. Companion planting is a great way to help improve your garden. Some plants will replenish the nutrients other plants lose and the combination of certain plants can help keep bugs away.



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4, Compost and other organic matter need time to stabilise and integrate once you’ve added it to your existing soil. Because of this you should apply the compost about 2 – 3 weeks before you do any planting. This way you know the soil is in a perfect state to start growing your veggies.


5, Mixing compost into your soil can be nothing short of backbreaking work, we think you’ll agree. Try this tip instead – Spread the compost over your soil in late Autumn and cover with a quality winter mulch such as chopped leaves or hay. The snow will fall and the organisms within the soil will do their thing. By the time spring comes around your soil will be perfect for planting all the vegetables you want.


6, Vegetables which become over ripe and past their best attract garden pests and bugs quickly because they are an easy target. Remove these fruits and vegetables as soon as you can to avoid an infestation.

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7, When the tops of your onions fall over it’s time to get them harvested. After the onions are harvested store them in a dark, warm, dry place until the tops have dried out. Once this has happened cut the foliage down but leave about an inch remaining.  Be sure to keep them in a cool & dry place after trimming.


8, To keep dirt off cabbage and lettuce leaves while they grow spread a 2″ layer of good quality mulch around them as they grow. Not only will this help the leaves getting covered in dirt it will also keep weeds to a minimum.


9, Before you plant any sort of vegetable of flower transplant, put a handful of compost into the hole. We do this because the compost will give your transplants a great boost that will last them throughout the growing season.


10, Insects have a few weaknesses. Garlic, chives, chrysanthemums and onions are among them. Grow these in and around your garden to help keep insects to a minimum.


11, Any sort of plastic bottle (like a pop bottle) will make a great mini cover for young plants. These sort of covers will help a great deal against the elements such as frost.


12, Want easy peas? If yes this is for you. Start your peas indoors. They will germinate better, be healthier and be able to fight of pests and disease much better.


13, Make sure you soil is healthy. Healthy soil will only lead to 1 thing – healthy plants and veggies. Get your soil correct and your vegetable growing will be much easier. Healthy soil will also reduce the need for pesticides which maybe harmful to the environment.


14, Whatever you can do to encourage earthworms – do it! Earthworms are great for soil in your garden. They chew up the soil allowing more air to enter. Also they leave worm castings behind which are packed with nutrients. Use organic fertilisers and natural fertilisers because earthworms love these.


15, Believe it or not vegetables such as kale, carrots, parsnips and sprouts become better after the first frost has fallen.


16, If / when you transplant tomatoes push the soil (covering the stem) right up to he first set of leaves. This will stimulate root growth making a healthier, stronger and happier plant.


17, Increasing the organic matter (compost) within soil by only 5% will make your soil store 4 times more water than normal.


18, Early morning watering of your garden will conserve moisture loss. This in turn will stop the spread of fungal diseases which are often spread when the conditions are humid.


19, We all know under watering is bad but over watering is worse! It’s easy to revive a dried out plant but once the roots have been drowned by over watering it’s not so easy.


20, Sunlight is a major factor when it comes to growing anything. Make sure your growing patch gets at least 6 – 8 hours of sunlight per day.


21, Think about saving space by growing upwards and not outwards. Plant next to a fence or buy trellises and encourage your plants to grow up them. Cucumbers, beans and tomatoes are just a few of the vegetables that do this anyway.


22, Be sure you’re planting your veggies at the correct time. All vegetables need to be sown at specific times of the year. Use the handy sowing guide below to see what needs planting and when.


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23, Finally on our vegetables planting tips for UK gardeners list is your know your own growing area. Plants will grow best in specific areas. Take some time to read up on the vegetables you intend to plant.




We really hope you enjoyed our vegetable growing tips post and we hope some of the tips have helped you out. Whilst not every tip will work for every single reader we do believe that there is something to help everyone on this page.

If you have any vegetable growing tips that we haven’t covered we’d love to hear from you, guys. Please share them in the comments section below so everyone can read them.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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